Congrats to Rumson -Fair Haven Regional High School

Rumson-Fair Haven High Named One Of Top 100 High Schools In State
Congrats to Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School who was ranked #36 out of 100.

Wired Wednesday

Here at Resources we love everything luxury, so it’s safe to say that we could not look away from a car that drives itself! This is the Mercedes F015, and while being the typical luxury car we expect from the Mercedes brand the technology has pushed passed the modern day to a SciFi landscape!

5 BIGGEST turnoffs about your house.

006When selling your property – it pays to put on the buyer mindset. What is a buyer looking for? When they come to my house, what will make them want to live here? It doesn’t matter if your home is small and cozy or a palatial mansion. Buyers do NOT want the following.

1. The seller that stays home.
Why? They need to feel comfortable in the space, they need to imagine themselves living there. Eating in the kitchen, relaxing in the family room, watching the kids out of the kitchen window. They can’t do that with the seller on the other side of the wall. They generally get in and out of those houses the fastest. If they like the space, they will come back,  if they come back and they really like the space then they may have some questions. But the buyer needs the emotional space to picture unpacking and moving in.
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Mansion Monday

This Lavish colonial home sits atop 1.2 acres of waterfront property in Rumson. With a beautiful two story living room and a sitting area with a gas fire place this house is enviable by anyone!!

We’ve been Plucked!

#VidalSassoon trained hair stylist #ChristopherPluck from #Plucksfinehaircutting in #RedBank gave two lucky #Resources agents a hair makeover recently.

Resources Real Estate agents #patricecarden and #deirdresmith received the royal treatment at his #redbank location (he has a #Manhattan location as well).


High End hairdressing in London and Manhattan has been a phenomena since the days of Vidal Sassoon and Christopher continues that style. With his snappy dress style and English accent he quickly puts you at ease and shows the way to shape your head to the right shape for your face.

At Resources Real Estate we only partner with companies that match our level of quality and customer service. Christopher is the area’s most sought after hair guru, and with his talented team of stylists they are the celebrities of hair in our area.

Plucks is smartly nestled on the corner near other high-end businesses – Danny Sanchez and Town and Country Kitchens.

Visit  Plucks at the website below or call  732 933 5990

Complete the form below for a special VIP Resources price at Plucks!

Social Saturday

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Spring is Finally Here! One of the greatest hallmarks of Spring, Butterflies, are migrating back to Monmouth County. So come out to the Manasquan Reservoir to learn about the Monarch Butterfly migration to Monmouth County.

Winter on #TheNavesink

Winter on the #Navesink    Beauty of the Season is unbelievable as evidenced by this picture taken by one of our agents #MarkGregory. However it got me to thinking – How hard was life for the native Indians and the Colonial people that did not have the modern conveniences that we do. It makes me grateful to realize that those that went before had it a lot harder than most of us do, and to remember there are homeless people out there that need our help and compassion.

Open House Friday

Here is our selection of open houses for this weekend.. Hope to see you

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Governors Award presented to Resources Agents

In House Awards - Governor 2014Three hardworking and savvy agents at Resources Real Estate made it to The Governor Award level. Well done Patrice Cicalese Carden, Michele Coyle and Vanessa Dooley.

Show your true colors- with One Kings Lane

The 8 Hottest Paint Colors of the Year

These gorgeous color trends couldn’t be more “right now.”

Photo by Eric Piasecki/OTTO

Coastal-Blue Dining Rooms

Formal dining rooms take a turn for the tropical with this happy-go-lucky hue, a whimsical alternative to the old faithful of dining room colors, navy. Dark accents—stained-wood chairs, black picture frames, touches of iron and jewel-toned upholstery—ground the playful shade, dialing up the drama of the overall look.

We love: Chappell Green from Farrow & Ball (don’t let the name fool you—it’s plenty blue!)

Photo by Nicole LaMotte

Black Living Rooms

Why, oh why are we so head-over-heels for black? Let us count the ways: It’s glamorous, striking, and just different enough. Its rock ‘n’ roll edginess is the perfect backdrop to a mind-blowing mix of materials from plush velvet to sleek glass, rustic wood to chic metal. And though it’s considered a cool (as opposed to warm) shade, it gives spaces a jewel-box level of intimacy and coziness.

We love: Jack Black from Little Greene

Photo by Manuel Rodriguez

Gray Master Bedrooms

At the end of the day (both literally and figuratively), your bedroom is your sanctuary, the place where, as soon as you stretch out on that bed, it’s all about relaxation and recharging. To achieve that tranquility? Hello, gray. Whether more mushroom, greige, or slate, it has practically become the defacto shade for bedrooms thanks to its calming nature and other-side-of-the-pillow cool. Not to mention that it’s gender neutral, so your hubby will totally be onboard.

We love: Elephant’s Breath from Farrow & Ball

Photo by

White Bathrooms

It’s elementary, my dear: White floors + white walls + white cabinetry = an open and airy space, especially important in bathrooms that are short on square footage. The color signals crisp cleanliness (why do you think hotel towels are almost always white?) and lets you swap out your accessories as often as you’d like.

We love: Huntington White from Benjamin Moore

Photo by Lucy Pope/Alamy

Smoky-Green Kitchens

Get ready to see a lot more of these beauties. Wanting a twist on the traditional white or gray, tastemakers have recently spun the color wheel and landed on this rich shade of green-meets-blue-meets-gray. Flattering for all cabinet styles, it has never met a countertop it doesn’t play well with: Just imagine it against butcher block, copper, or marble.

We love: Newburg Green from Benjamin Moore

Photo by Nicole LaMotte

Chalkboard-Painted Kids’ Rooms

In the words of the New Radicals, we just can’t get enough! This scribble-on, wipe-off wall color is nothing new, but it’s still having a major moment popping up in the rooms of stylish tots everywhere. In-the-know parents love it because it gives their budding Picassos a draw-on-the-walls safe zone (as opposed to crayon graffiti on your favorite wallpaper). Plus it’s a cool alternative to the age-old question of blue or pink.

We love: Chalkboard Paint from Benjamin Moore (it’s available in all colors!)

Photo by Aimee Herring

Canary-Yellow Front Doors

Since your front door is the first thing guests spy when walking up to your house, it’s the perfect place to set a cheery, welcoming tone. Not wanting their abode to look exactly like all the other kids on the block, colorphiles have recently been embracing a mood-boosting yellow that pairs well with fresh greenery and black hardware.

We love: Sundance from Benjamin Moore

Photo by Eric Piasecki/OTTO

Marsala Everything!

Get ready to see Pantone’s Color of the Year 2015 everywhere. Due to its richness and fully saturated feel, we love it for smaller spaces where it won’t overwhelm, including reading nooks, accent walls, and powder rooms. Play up its heady tones with gilded accents and touches of animal print.

We love: Radicchio from Farrow & Ball

Resources congratulates the Sterling Award Recipients.

Sterling Award Recipients

Because we stay true to our core values, “award-winning” is not just a description of our agents, it’s literally our business philosophy. By constantly striving for excellence in all aspects of our business, they have earned the loyalty of clients and the respect of our industry. Since the founded by Carolynn Ozar Diakon in 2000 we have won many awards bestowed by our industry  association, as well as company  nominations and awards from the prestigious Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate, winning the Most Innovate Marketing in 2014

Our Sterling Award Winners are Tammy Brandise, Helen George, Kathy Grabowy, Mary Lynn Hughes and JoAnn Kulat.

Congratulations all.

alSocial Saturday

Social Saturday
A Metropolitan Opera at Monmouth University. Check out the encore presentation of Les Contes D’Hoffmann being played at Monmouth University. Come out and support the arts!

Open House Friday

Here is our selection of open houses for this weekend.. Hope to see you

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