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The 8 Hottest Paint Colors of the Year

These gorgeous color trends couldn’t be more “right now.”

Photo by Eric Piasecki/OTTO

Coastal-Blue Dining Rooms

Formal dining rooms take a turn for the tropical with this happy-go-lucky hue, a whimsical alternative to the old faithful of dining room colors, navy. Dark accents—stained-wood chairs, black picture frames, touches of iron and jewel-toned upholstery—ground the playful shade, dialing up the drama of the overall look.

We love: Chappell Green from Farrow & Ball (don’t let the name fool you—it’s plenty blue!)

Photo by Nicole LaMotte

Black Living Rooms

Why, oh why are we so head-over-heels for black? Let us count the ways: It’s glamorous, striking, and just different enough. Its rock ‘n’ roll edginess is the perfect backdrop to a mind-blowing mix of materials from plush velvet to sleek glass, rustic wood to chic metal. And though it’s considered a cool (as opposed to warm) shade, it gives spaces a jewel-box level of intimacy and coziness.

We love: Jack Black from Little Greene

Photo by Manuel Rodriguez

Gray Master Bedrooms

At the end of the day (both literally and figuratively), your bedroom is your sanctuary, the place where, as soon as you stretch out on that bed, it’s all about relaxation and recharging. To achieve that tranquility? Hello, gray. Whether more mushroom, greige, or slate, it has practically become the defacto shade for bedrooms thanks to its calming nature and other-side-of-the-pillow cool. Not to mention that it’s gender neutral, so your hubby will totally be onboard.

We love: Elephant’s Breath from Farrow & Ball

Photo by

White Bathrooms

It’s elementary, my dear: White floors + white walls + white cabinetry = an open and airy space, especially important in bathrooms that are short on square footage. The color signals crisp cleanliness (why do you think hotel towels are almost always white?) and lets you swap out your accessories as often as you’d like.

We love: Huntington White from Benjamin Moore

Photo by Lucy Pope/Alamy

Smoky-Green Kitchens

Get ready to see a lot more of these beauties. Wanting a twist on the traditional white or gray, tastemakers have recently spun the color wheel and landed on this rich shade of green-meets-blue-meets-gray. Flattering for all cabinet styles, it has never met a countertop it doesn’t play well with: Just imagine it against butcher block, copper, or marble.

We love: Newburg Green from Benjamin Moore

Photo by Nicole LaMotte

Chalkboard-Painted Kids’ Rooms

In the words of the New Radicals, we just can’t get enough! This scribble-on, wipe-off wall color is nothing new, but it’s still having a major moment popping up in the rooms of stylish tots everywhere. In-the-know parents love it because it gives their budding Picassos a draw-on-the-walls safe zone (as opposed to crayon graffiti on your favorite wallpaper). Plus it’s a cool alternative to the age-old question of blue or pink.

We love: Chalkboard Paint from Benjamin Moore (it’s available in all colors!)

Photo by Aimee Herring

Canary-Yellow Front Doors

Since your front door is the first thing guests spy when walking up to your house, it’s the perfect place to set a cheery, welcoming tone. Not wanting their abode to look exactly like all the other kids on the block, colorphiles have recently been embracing a mood-boosting yellow that pairs well with fresh greenery and black hardware.

We love: Sundance from Benjamin Moore

Photo by Eric Piasecki/OTTO

Marsala Everything!

Get ready to see Pantone’s Color of the Year 2015 everywhere. Due to its richness and fully saturated feel, we love it for smaller spaces where it won’t overwhelm, including reading nooks, accent walls, and powder rooms. Play up its heady tones with gilded accents and touches of animal print.

We love: Radicchio from Farrow & Ball

Resources congratulates the Sterling Award Recipients.



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Sterling Award Recipients

Because we stay true to our core values, “award-winning” is not just a description of our agents, it’s literally our business philosophy. By constantly striving for excellence in all aspects of our business, they have earned the loyalty of clients and the respect of our industry. Since the founded by Carolynn Ozar Diakon in 2000 we have won many awards bestowed by our industry  association, as well as company  nominations and awards from the prestigious Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate, winning the Most Innovate Marketing in 2014

Our Sterling Award Winners are Tammy Brandise, Helen George, Kathy Grabowy, Mary Lynn Hughes and JoAnn Kulat.

Congratulations all.

Open House Friday



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Here is our selection of open houses for this weekend.. Hope to see you

Featured image

Mansion Monday



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Take a look at the extraordinary view at this secluded home in the Atlantic Highlands. With the views and the custom home style few could find fault.

Magical. Extraordinary. An exceptional spacious home, extreme privacy with wide vistas of the ocean, bay & NYC. The best views you will ever see & a rare opportunity to enjoy a secluded retreat like no other. Newly built in 2005…

Luxury Real Estate Group recognizes Preservation and Restoration



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MIDDLETOWN,NJ – Resources Real Estate Broker and Senior Partner, Carolynn Diakon, has recently invested in the restoration of another historic home. Her new project is located on the Navesink River in the Locust section of Middletown Township.

This is not a new undertaking for Carolynn and husband Bob, who have restored several, and encourage historic preservation. Carolynn believes that no project is too big when it comes to preservation of historic homes. One example of this was an original farmhouse in Eatontown New Jersey, circa 1768, which Carolynn and Bob purchased. Diakon says “the home was close to being condemned and would have been demolished”

The home was originally owned by the Wolcott family, one the early settlers to Eatontown (originally part of Shrewsbury). Carolynn loved the house and wanted generations to enjoy

“The house had suffered terrible neglect and was close to being condemned. I could not bear to see it not preserved. We were amazed to see the huge boat timbers that were used for original construction. Michael Calafati, an architect that specialized historic homes, gave us some great insights. Both of us are members of the Monmouth County Historical Board, and have a great affection for the preservation of historic sights.”

Carolynn and Bob, have restored and several other homes in Monmouth County. One in Monmouth Beach on the ocean, that had once a part of a much larger house which had been moved to Rumson. According to local lore. One of their biggest challenges was the former Bathurst ‘Summer Cottage’ located on Belknap Lane in Rumson. The home, far larger than one might expect when picturing a cottage, was built in 1875 and once home to Lord and Lady Bathurst. “The home retained many original features that we preserved along with a carriage house that still had coach and horse design remnants and chauffeur quarters. This home also suffered years of neglect and many roof leaks, that needed immediate attention in order to start the restoration project”

Pictured: Water view of Navesink River home

Carolynn and Bob’s latest project is rich with history along with some famous past residents. An old farmhouse with a turn of the century addition, rich wide wide plank floors. It was formerly home to the daughter to the Hardy Boys and Drew series novelist. As well as being rumored to be a house that Bruce Springsteen lived in before moving across the river.

Diakon remarks, “If we do not preserve historic buildings, we lose a vital part of our history for future generations. This not only washes away the past, but completely changes the character of an area”.

Open House Friday Feb 8th



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Here is our selection of open houses for this weekend.. Hope to see you

lFeatured image

Serena Williams wins another Australian Open



photo  European Pressphoto Agency

photo European Pressphoto Agency

On Saturday evening here, Williams won her 19th Grand Slam singles title with a 6-3, 7-6(5) victory over Maria Sharapova in the Australian Open women’s final. The win puts her ahead of Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova on the all-time list and leaves her three shy of Steffi Graf ’s 22, the record for the Open era, which began in 1968.

Williams has now beaten Sharapova 16 straight times, a streak that spans more than 10 years. Her record in Grand Slam finals is an astonishing 19-4.

“Standing here with 19 championships is something I never thought would happen,” Williams told the crowd during the trophy ceremony. “I’m just so excited to have this trophy.”

Williams, 33, is the second-oldest woman to win a Grand Slam singles title—Navratilova was a few months older when she won her last, at Wimbledon in 1990. Williams is also the oldest player ever to hold the No. 1 ranking since the computer-ranking system was started in 1975. This is the sixth Australian Open title of Williams’s career—also an Open-era record.

Events and Open Houses



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Tomorrow at our Atlantic Highlands office we have a Meditation Lunch and Learn for our agents.


*Reduce Stress
*Increase Mental concentration
*Enhance productivity, effectiveness & communication
*Navigate tense situations with less explosive behavior patterns
*Expand work/life/family balancing skills
*Improve overall health & well being
*Make you laugh

Resources Real Estate located in Eastern Monmouth County

Rumson, Monmouth Beach, Red Bank Atlantic Highlands

About Us



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Rumson, Fair Haven, Little Silver, Monmouth Beach, Red Bank, Atlantic Highlands and Middletown are just some of the towns that we provide superior, professional and informed real estate services. Our discerning clients appreciate the marriage of state of the art technology and good old fashioned hard work. Sellers soon learn to sit back and relax as our professional team goes to work to provide the highest visibility platform for all our properties. Buyers enjoy our instant response to their questions, whether by phone or email. We have all the current listings ready to send out, and can even alert you to listings as soon as (or even before) they come on the market. You will love our homes here in the Rumson area, close to Manhattan, an easy commute by fast ferry to Wall St or midtown.

So if you are looking to buy a home in Rumson, Fair Haven, Little Silver, Sea Bright, Red Bank, Monmouth Beach, Atlantic Highlands, Highlands, Middletown, Holmdel, Oceanport, Colts Neck, or any other of our wonderful Monmouth county towns, call us at once. If you don’t see what you want, contact us, we have listings that might not be in the multiple listing service. Or sign up for our automated alert.

We sincerely hope that you become one of our many friends that began as clients.

I can taste the disinterest


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chickenIt all looks so pleasant, so soothing and warm. Lazily breading chicken cutlets, whipping sauces in perfect copper pans. Separating egg yolks quietly in the kitchen with a content smile. The sounds and smells enveloping the hearth and home of loved ones and friends.

It all looks wonderful — until my dish towel catches fire. I have started kitchen fires with gas and electric stoves. Smashed eggs on the floor, whether they be tile or hardwood. Sure, salt is the perfect broken egg — picker upper. Ever tried it?

I don’t care how expensive or showy the knives are — I am going to be sporting a band-aid. Somehow the perfect copper pans just look dusty in my house.

My family likes it when I cook. I think they forget in between accidents (meals) of the inherent dangers of me in a kitchen.

I have good knives, expensive pots and pans, slow cookers, woks, platters, braisers, basters. I have all the right tools. Oddly enough I even have some of the skills. I can separate eggs yolks (the ones not on the floor) without gadgets, I can make a Bechamel sauce, I can mash, slice, dice and follow simple instructions… like a recipe.

Why then is there very little result for all the pots, pans, knives, whisks, colanders, gravy boats, plates, paring knives, garlic crushers and the general disaster that is now my kitchen?
Just food, sure it’s home made — my husband makes all the right appreciative noises, until he sees the overflowing sink.

Tastes good enough, if I didn’t have to live through the drama. Every now and again, I will not instinctively change the channel when a cooking show comes on. It looks so relaxed — nobody is wearing bandages or throwing a dish towel under the faucet, shrieking obscenities. Even their voices are soothing. How does one make a roast chicken that is both tasty and calm. I have burnt my finger on the oven (top of the line — mind you) just thinking about making a roast anything.

I love food, I love eating. I just enjoy eating what others have made more than I enjoy personally leaning against the counter, peeling potatoes or dreamily smiling as my sauce starts to simmer. I am bored. I believe I can taste the disinterest, I just don’t care enough.

I really don’t want to lather butter and garlic on a whole chicken, I have seen Chef! and watched Helen Mirren and I don’t want to make that 100-foot journey. While watching a movie I get romanced into thinking I love the feel and smell of a truffle or a mushroom. No, I only like the taste of it all — thats it. I would rather talk to people, read a book, work on an idea or follow a thought in my head than command the kitchen.

My friends seem to all be wonderful calm cooks, they create tasty dishes without a seeming care in the world. They languorously mince garlic, flip chicken fillets without hot oil splashing on their hands. They cook with love, you can taste the love. I cook with annoyance. I get side tracked, I lose interest and mentally wander off. This must be the reason for the culinary disasters. Although they are really more just personal injury than disaster.

When asked to bring a dish, I feel like a deer in the headlights — I always panic, knowing that it will be a dangerous event involving fire, blood and strangely… utensils disappearing as I use them. My kitchen gadgets are like Elf on the Shelf — except they don’t wait till I am asleep. I will use the tip of a knife, the tines of a large fork, a meat thermometer, a damn platter — for literally seconds, put it down next to me, only to find it has jumped over to another counter, at the critical moment as I need them, which now involves bodily involvement, trying to corral the damn elves back into close range without endangering myself and burning down the house.

I come to the table sweating, flustered, red in the face, close to tears and without a sliver of hunger. Frankly, I don’t want to even look at the food now.

Ask me to write a presentation, help you start a business. write your book report – get you on Pinterest, sell your house, design your house, show you which walls I would take down, but please God don’t ask me to make anything. Because frankly, I make more of a police crime scene than the few morsels of food that I create. Apparently my portion control is off, I am haunted by cries from my family of “why didn’t you make more”? It always looked so much more when I start — the elves must take large portions for themselves to their hideaway counters.

The only thing worse in all this… I am not skinny, is there no culinary justice?

One of Carolynn’s Huffington Post blogs

Resources Real Estate is proud to present our Ambassador Award Recipients for 2014


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In House Awards - Ambassador 2014Congrats on another group of wonderful agents. These savvy agents have been awarded the Ambassador Award,

Congrats to Gina Farkouh, Maggie Kemler, Nicholas McCabe, Danielle Shaw and Irene Zitzner, WELL DONE.


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